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Susan started her working career in the Royal Australian Navy for over seven years, and was an effective leader in her field.  Susan then commenced her financial journey and worked in client services in a financial planning firm, while still studying her degree and diploma concurrently.

During her time in this role, she had close relationships with all the firm’s clients and built great rapport.  Her ability to relate to clients and educate them in the financial areas required soon saw her promoted to roles such as operations manager and financial planner within 2 years.

Susan then took time off from financial planning to become a mother, however, still had time to run a hospitality business in which she was the Human Resources Officer and Bookkeeper.  Susan ran this business for 3 years and relocated her family to Cairns.  While in Cairns Susan has worked in business administration, financial planning and client services.

Susan has had experience helping her clients with budgeting, savings strategies, education experience strategies, superannuation and insurance advice, investment strategies, estate planning strategies and Centrelink considerations.

Susan has worked extensively in the financial planning and bookkeeping fields that there isn’t much she hasn’t seen, and would be eager to help with any problems you might be struggling to navigate on your own.

Susan SF Consulting Australia
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